It can be a common misconception that once a survey has been carried out that compliance with the regulations has been addressed. We are here to support you in ensuring that the continious cycle of compliance and improvement is achieved:

Management Plans

An asbestos management plan is an essential tool in managing the risk of asbestos – the go to bible. We are here to support you in either compiling a new management plan or supporting you in reviewing an existing management plan. There are minimum requirements stipulated in L143 : managing and working with asbestos; that need to be addressed in the management plan – SEC are here to assist in developing a management plan that not only meets all requirements, but is tailored to your individual business needs.

Project Management

If a survey has identified asbestos materials that require remediation we are here to support you in the process. What we can offer:

Scoping Visit – Client

A visit with you to establish the requirements of the project

Specification for Remediation

Taking the data from the survey we compile a specification for asbestos removal contractors to tender against

Scoping Visit – Asbestos Removal Contractor

Along with the asbestos removal contractor we conduct a site scoping visit to ensure the ARC is familiar with the conditions and understands scope of specification

Tender Review

On receipt of tenders with you we support in the review of submissions


Once the contractor has been selected we ensure the project is mobilisedd in required timeframes (notification / RAMS)

Project Stage

We offer independant audits of the asbestos removal contractor and analyst on site

Project Completion

Upon completion of the project we can provide an updated asbestos register & project completion file drawing in all information into one package