Did you know Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer – another hidden killer!

The workplace and home can be affected by elevated Radon levels, especially those working in or occupying ground floor and basement areas. Indicative Atlas is available through Public Health England and highlights areas that are likely to have elevated levels of Radon. There is a legal requirement for employers to assess the risk of radon in the workplace. A risk assessment can be conducted utlising the indicitive atlas and / or conducting further radon monitoring.

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An example of a project

Brief – client has multiple assets spread across a radon affected area and requires support in conducting the required risk assessment.

Desktop study – we take the asset list and form the indicative atlas and data provide a percentage liklihood of radon levels exceeding 400 Bq m-3 for workplace or 200 Bq m-3 for domesitic properties.

Planning – we assess the building plans and establish the number of tests and locations required.

Installation & Collection – we place the monitors within the assets to ensure they are distributed in the correct locations. Once placed, they are left for the required period, we then return to collect the monitors.

Reporting – upon reciept of the results from our approved supplier laboratory we compile a report for each asset detailing method of procedure followed and whether further remediation is required.

Elevated Radon Level Support – should an asset be found to have elevated readings further monitoring and risk assessment is likely to be required. A Radon Risk Asssessment must be conducted by a Radon Protection Advisor whom we can supply as part of the package, Where remediation works are required we have approved suppliers whom can take necessary steps to conduct works to reduce the levels. Finally we conduct further tests to ensure the remediation works have been successful.

We are members of the Radon Council and adhere to the Council’s Code of Practice